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The interoperable, privacy-preserving DeFi stack powered by Polkadot

Calamari’s Bento Box event will be on Miso from September 22 to September 27.

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Edited on September 16 at 1:00PM to reflect the updated token unlock for IDO tokens to unlock with TGE, rather than before.

Since announcing Calamari Network, Manta Network’s canary network on Kusama, we have received strong support from the community in our efforts to expand our support for bringing privacy to the entire blockchain ecosystem. In our recent journey to secure a parachain slot, a record-breaking 16,000 wallet addresses supported the Calamari crowdloan. Those wallet addresses will all receive Calamari tokens as rewards.

On August 29, 2021, Calamari officially appeared on the ballot as we prepared for a parachain auction bid on Kusama. About a month prior, on July 19, we published our parachain loan auction strategy, where we laid out the rewards system of 1 KSM: 10,000 KMA, as well as the rewards tranches, which are unlocked in 1 billion intervals with each new parachain slot.

Immediately following our bid listing, we have been receiving nonstop support from our community and contributors. Partners like Bifrost, Zenlink, and Fearless Wallet, as well as exchanges like Kucoin, Huobi, and MEXC, helped provide additional sources…

Manta Network, the privacy-preserving DeFi stack built on Polkadot, today announced its closing of $1.1M funding. The round was led by Polychain Capital. Additional investors include Hypersphere Ventures, Three Arrows Capital, Defiance Capital, Multicoin Capital, Alameda Research, BTC12 Capital, Genblock Capital, Rarestone Capital, AU21 Capital and others.

Manta Network leverages zkSNARKs to offer privacy for transacting and exchanging as a layer-1 blockchain solution. The project intends to launch as a Polkadot parachain, which allows Manta Network to eliminate gas fees, and offer scalable privacy with faster transactions. …

Hey, Mantalorians! Welcome back — We are releasing the new beta version of the Manta Network Ambassador Program website!

Mantalorians Website Updates

The journey of the Mantalorians has been amazing! We already have more than 2,000 ambassadors in the program. Thank you all for being such a great community. Because of all your efforts, we managed to build a great program, with various activities where you can contribute. Below we’ll share the details of what the new update provides for the Manta Network Ambassadors Program.


The leaderboard is now available. Please note that all data is reflected for activities up to July…

An update and a change to the Calamari PLO after listening to our community.

P.S. All Calamari and Mantalorian art in the body of this article is designed by our community member, Olga

With the first parachain auctions concluded, Calamari Network is releasing its next tranche of rewards. In other words, 2 billion KMA of total rewards are now unlocked for the community to contribute up to 200k KSM for the Calamari crowdloan.

We are pleased that Bifrost will be supporting Calamari in the second batch of the Kusama slot auctions through the SALP protocol and releasing its contributors’ bonding liquidity.

Bifrost x Calamari

As the canary network of Manta, Calamari will be first rolling out Maripay and Mariswap as on-chain privacy products, as it paves the way for privacy as a utility service within the entire Kusama ecosystem. Using zkSNARKs with a focus on DeFi, Calamari Network will open the opportunities for financial tools built on Web 3.0 by offering a layer of decentralized privacy. …

Calamari Network, the Canary Network of Manta built on Kusama, has officially launched its crowdloan on Kusama. As part of its effort to maximize community involvement in the Kusama ecosystem, MEXC will be offering support for Calamari Network’s crowdloan.

This means that MEXC users will be able to use their KSM on MEXC to participate in the Calamari Network crowdloan and earn some amazing rewards in the form of Calamari tokens. MEXC users can do this without moving their KSM from the exchange.

Calamari’s Role in the Kusama Ecosystem

Calamari Network, the Kusama Network canary net of Manta Network, is a privacy-preservation protocol for the entire DeFi stack. With a parachain, Calamari Network will begin to roll out its core products, MariPay and MariSwap. Calamari’s goal is to offer privacy as a utility service to the entire Kusama ecosystem, and will be working closely with all Kusama projects to enable privacy for their tokens.

MariPay in the Kusama Ecosystem

MariPay is the private transacting service from Calamari Network, which will allow Kusama users to privately transact any Kusama parachain asset including $KSM.

MariSwap in the Kusama Ecosystem

MariSwap is the private AMM DEX service from Calamari Network, which will…

Zenlink, a cross-chain DEX protocol based on Polkadot, and Manta Network, a Polkadot privacy parachain, announced a strategic partnership to explore the field of “DeFi+Privacy” and to develop a DEX with privacy protection, providing practical use cases for “Polka DeFi Composability.”

With Manta Network’s zk-SNARK-based privacy protection technology, Zenlink will be able to provide privacy protection for all transactions generated on its DEX, bringing full end-to-end on-chain DeFi privacy protection services to users.

Meanwhile, Zenlink Slotvault will also be supporting Manta Network’s bid for the parachain slot. Zenlink SlotVault is a decentralized slot auction support application where community users will…

Calamari Network is Manta Network’s canary network deployment of its privacy protocol. Calamari will exist on the Kusama network. As the canary network deployment, the Manta Network ecosystem envisions a cooperation where Calamari Network will always receive the latest features, ready to deploy for live use but prior to being deployed on Manta Network. In other words, Calamari Network will receive the latest new features before Manta Network does.

This gives Manta Network a unique opportunity to battle-test features and gauge greater user response, before implementing it on the main network. That being said, given that the Kusama and Polkadot…

Manta Network

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