BNB Chain Projects Adopt zkBAB for Private Identity Verification

Manta Network
4 min readMay 25


Today, Manta Network is proud to announce the adoption of its zkBAB zkSBT across a multitude of top BNB Chain projects. The zkBAB serves as an option for users to provide proof of real user identity in a trustless and private manner. Ultiverse, TaskON, ReadON, Yuliverse, Web3Go, zkPass, and LetsMeme will be the first projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem to integrate zkBAB private identity credentials into their applications.

By leveraging zkBABs, Manta Network enables a decentralized ecosystem of real users, mitigating bot exploitation and Sybil attacks. Furthermore, users can verify ownership in a seamless and walletless manner when connecting to their favorite applications in the Manta ecosystem through the use of Proof Keys.

The zkBAB delivers a similar digital verification experience as the BAB for Binance users who have completed Identity Verification, but with an additional layer of privacy. The added privacy allows users to verify without revealing their wallet address, assets within the wallet address, or transactions made from the wallet address. With zkBABs, users are able to complete proof of Binance identity verification in web3 without revealing any information.

zkBAB Features

Beyond the functionality of a normal BAB, the zkBAB powered by Manta Network offers these additional features:

  • User-friendly: Combined with Proof Keys, zkBAB users will be able to verify their Binance KYC without the need to connect a wallet to an application, creating a seamless user experience for mobile and desktop applications.
  • Privacy-preserving: the zkBAB allows users to verify that they, in fact, have an associated BAB, without the need for revealing any other information; i.e., wallet address, transactions, additional fungible or nonfungible assets, and any other on-chain information isn’t revealed with the verification of the zkBAB.

Minting a zkBAB

To mint a zkBAB, the user will need three things:

  1. A MetaMask wallet connected to BNB Chain to obtain and hold your BAB, if you do not have a BAB already.
  2. A BAB provided by Binance after you have completed Identity Verification on the exchange. If you do not have a BAB yet, you can follow the instructions here to mint a BAB. To mint a BAB, you must have completed KYC verification on Binance.
  3. The Manta Wallet Beta is a browser extension that enables you to access all of the ZK-enabling features brought to you by the fastest ZK L1, Manta Network. To download the extension, visit the Chrome Web Store.

For full details about how to mint a zkBAB, view the minting guide here.

About Binance’s BAB

Binance Account Bound (BAB) tokens are the credentials of Binance users that have passed KYC. Since it is a type of Soulbound Token (SBT), it has three key properties: it is non-transferable, it cannot be transferred from one address to another, and it is revocable. It can be revoked by issuers. One UID can only have one BAB token at one time and on one chain. You can learn more about the BAB token here.

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain, also known as Build N Build Chain, is a decentralized blockchain network that allows developers to create decentralized applications (DApps) as part of the Web3 movement. Web3 blockchain technology emphasizes decentralization, enabling secure transactions without relying on a central authority.

BNB Chain also enables the use of smart contracts to automate interactions, leading to various DApps in areas like decentralized finance (DeFi), gaming (GameFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As of October 2022, BNB Chain is the world’s largest smart-contract blockchain, processing billions of transactions from millions of unique addresses and hosting over 1,300 active DApps. BNB Chain originated from Binance Chain in 2019 and expanded with the launch of Binance Smart Chain in 2020, offering smart-contract capabilities.

BNB Chain is community-driven, open-source, and decentralized, allowing anyone to build products and reach a broad audience without seeking permission.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is the Layer 1 blockchain that brings programmable privacy to web3 using zero-knowledge proofs. Its core products and technologies suite, including zkNFTs and MantaPay, offer user-friendly access to powerful ZK-enabled use cases. Leveraging the Poseidon hash and its own cryptographic innovations, Manta Network offers the fastest prover speed of any ZK network.

The project is created by a team of experienced founders from prestigious institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. Manta Network has received investments from some of the top web3 investment funds, including Binance Labs and Polychain, and has grown through participation in some of the best web3 accelerators, including Alliance and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

Manta Network is poised to onboard the next generation of Web3 users and usher in a new chapter of privacy-focused Web3 applications.



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