Dmail Network Partners with Manta Network to Offer Private Web3 Communication

Manta Network
3 min readApr 18


Manta Network, the fastest zero-knowledge Layer 1 protocol focused on on-chain privacy, is proud to announce that Dmail has joined Manta Network as an Ecosystem Partner to enhance infrastructure for email-based notifications. Manta Network’s Ecosystem Partners will help facilitate the adoption of Manta Network’s core technologies, including zkSBTs and zkNFTs.

Dmail offers a Web3 multi-chain infrastructure based on email notifications that provides unified, real-time communication services in scenarios such as cross-chains and cross-applications, community relations maintenance, and Web3 marketing campaigns. Dmail Network integrates messages, assets, storage, workspace and other functions. It will become a fundamental infrastructure tool and DID for users to enter the Web3 era, and also a bridge connecting Web2 users to easily use blockchain services. Today, Dmail has integrated and provided services for more than 80 projects such as WorldCoin, ENS, Unstoppable, SpaceID, Lens, Conflux, BNB Chain etc. They currently have more than 200,000 users and have sent 4.5 million messages.

Through the new partnership between Dmail and Manta Network, Dmail will obtain direct access to Manta Network’s zkSBT technologies, launched through NPO. By taking advantage of the zkSBT, Dmail will be able to offer its users on-chain privacy features, which is critical for the preservation and security of their identity and communications. Dmail users will be able to obtain zkSBTs through the NPO platform, which can then be used to verify certain aspects of their identity. In the future, additional product and service integrations will be available through Manta’s upcoming Manta Name Service, which will allow users to communicate with vanity URLs linked with their zkAddress.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is the Layer 1 blockchain that brings programmable privacy to web3 using zero-knowledge proofs. Its suite of core products and technologies, including zkNFTs and MantaPay, offer user-friendly access to powerful ZK-enabled use cases. Leveraging the Poseidon hash and its own cryptographic innovations, Manta Network offers the fastest prover speed of any ZK network.

The project is created by a team of experienced founders from prestigious institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. Manta Network has received investments from some of the top web3 investment funds, including Binance Labs and Polychain, and has grown through participation in some of the best web3 accelerators, including Alliance DAO and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

Manta Network is poised to onboard the next generation of Web3 users and usher in a new chapter of privacy-focused Web3 applications.

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About Dmail

Dmail is an email notification-based Web3 multi-chain infrastructure that provides unified, real-time communication services in scenarios such as cross-chain and cross-application, community relationship maintenance, and Web3 marketplace activities.

Dmail has raised funding from Amino Capital, Hashkey Capital, Draper Dragon, KuCoin Labs, Outliers Fund and other 20+ global top VCs. Meanwhile, Dmail is the winner of the 2021 Wanxiang Hackathon and the 1st BNB Chain Grant.

Also Dmail has integrated and provided services for WorldCoin, ENS, Unstoppable, SpaceID, Lens, Conflux, BNB Chain and more than 80 projects. We currently have more than 200K users and 4.5M messages were sent.