Giant Squid NFT Airdrop on Galxe

A Community Event Hosted on Galxe and BNB Chain, Celebrating Calamari Network

Benefits of the Giant Squid NFT

  • Potential airdrops
  • Invitations to offline meetups and conferences such as zkDay, a sold-out event with over 4,000 web3 attendees
  • Higher tier NFT holders have access to the exclusive Giant Squid Telegram community
  • Plus, many other benefits that we will announce in the future.

OG Senior

OG Member

OG Junior

OG Recruit

  1. Each wallet address can only claim one Giant Squid NFT during the campaign period.
  2. We will apply the Daily Average Balance mechanism when calculating the final holding.
  3. Our API will trace back the previous 10 days data to calculate your Daily Average Balance.

How to claim my NFT (given OG member as an example):

  1. Go to, switch to BNB Chain, select Giant Squid NFT.

Calamari Network and KMA Token

  1. Every transaction on Calamari (including MantaPay on Calamari) collects a Network Usage Fee in the form of KMA token. This network fee is split three ways: 45% will be burned; 45% is sent to the treasury to fund future parachain slot auctions and community expenses like a development fund; 10% is distributed to the collator who produced the block containing this transaction.
  2. The KMA token serves as a medium of exchange.
  3. The KMA token represents governance rights on Calamari.
  4. MantaPay on Calamari public-to-private and vice versa transactions will not charge any additional premium for now.
  5. For the first 3 years after the launch of Staking, 3% of total KMA issuance will be distributed per year as staking rewards to incentivize decentralization. KMA distributed are created through minting of new KMA. All newly minted KMA will periodically be burned from the treasury to compensate for this inflation. After 3 years, the Calamari community will decide on further incentives.



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