Giant Squid NFT Airdrop on Galxe

A Community Event Hosted on Galxe and BNB Chain, Celebrating Calamari Network

Manta Network
6 min readMar 15

The recent launch of MantaPay on Calamari Network represents a significant milestone. for the web3 community, as Manta and Calamari Network work to bring on-chain privacy to the entire space. As a celebration and a way to thank the community, we are excited to announce the Giant Squid NFT Airdrop. We have partnered with Galxe to launch this campaign!

Giant Squids are the pillar members of the Calamari Network community. They have been long-term visionaries and believers of the mission of Calamari and Manta Network. To identify and reward those community members, we are hosting the Giant Squid event, which will culminate with the NFT airdrop.

The Giant Squid event will begin on March 16, 2023, at 00:00 GMT+08:00, and end on March 31, 2023 at GMT+08:00. During the campaign period, users who meet any 10-day KMA average holding requirements can enter the Calamari Network space on on BNB Chain to claim their NFT.

Giant Squid NFTs are a collection of unique digital art pieces featuring stylized illustrations of cartoon giant squids. The design of each Giant Squid NFT is different and can include various accessories, such as hoodies or sunglasses, as well as different color schemes and patterns. The background of each Giant Squid NFT is usually a solid color or features a simple design element.

Benefits of the Giant Squid NFT

The Giant Squid NFT is a community badge in the Manta Network ecosystem. NFT holders are entitled to exclusive community benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Potential airdrops
  • Invitations to offline meetups and conferences such as zkDay, a sold-out event with over 4,000 web3 attendees
  • Higher tier NFT holders have access to the exclusive Giant Squid Telegram community
  • Plus, many other benefits that we will announce in the future.

There are four types of Giant Squid NFTs, sorted by rarity from high to low: OG Senior, OG Member, OG Junior, and OG Recruit. Each address can only receive one NFT. The specific requirements for each NFT are as follows:

OG Senior

1. Verify that you hold more than 3,000,000 KMA.

2. Join $KMA Giant Squid Telegram Group

OG Member

1. Verify that you hold < 3,000,000 KMA and ≥ 1,000,000 KMA.

2. Complete a MantaPay public to private transaction.

3. Join $KMA Giant Squid Telegram Group

OG Junior

1. Verify that you hold <1,000,000 KMA and ≥ 500,000 KMA.

2. Complete a MantaPay public to private transaction.

3. Join the Manta Network Discord Channel.

OG Recruit

1. Verify that you hold <500,000 KMA and ≥ 100,000 KMA.

2. Complete a MantaPay public to private transaction.

3. Join the Manta Network Discord Channel.

4. Follow Calamari Network and Manta Network Twitter Account.

Details about the Giant Squid Campaign

  1. Each wallet address can only claim one Giant Squid NFT during the campaign period.
  2. We will apply the Daily Average Balance mechanism when calculating the final holding.
  3. Our API will trace back the previous 10 days data to calculate your Daily Average Balance.

4. We will use the balance at 00:00 GMT+08:00 each day as the balance of day.

5. For example, if you enter the campaign page and click on verify balance on March 16, 2023. We will look back at your balance data from March 7, 2023 at 00:00 GMT+08:00 to March 16, at 00:00 GMT+08:00. Our API will take 10 snapshots and divided by 10, the outcome will be your final Daily Average Balance.

6. The MantaPay Public to Private transaction needs to be conducted during the campaign period, between March 16, 2023 00:00 GMT+08:00 to March 31, 2023 00:00 GMT+08:00.

How to claim my NFT (given OG member as an example):

  1. Go to, switch to BNB Chain, select Giant Squid NFT.

2. Go to Campaign Page, click on the campaign page

3. Connect polkadot wallet on Giant Squid campaign page

4. Verify your KMA holding

5. Complete a MantaPay public to private transaction

6. Submit BNB Chain address. Please ensure the BNB Chain address you provided is the same one you used on

7. Go back to the Giant Squid campaign page and join the telegram or discord channel.

8. Claim the NFT.

Calamari Network and KMA Token

KMA is the first community-driven deflationary native token of Calamari Network, the Kusama-deployed canary-net of Manta Network. At genesis in Nov 2021 an initial supply of 10 billion KMA tokens was created. Around 24% of this supply was distributed to crowdloan participants as part of the rewards for helping Calamari Network secure the first parachain slot. Furthermore, KMA does not have any private sales or team tokens.

The KMA token has multiple uses on Calamari Network:

  1. Every transaction on Calamari (including MantaPay on Calamari) collects a Network Usage Fee in the form of KMA token. This network fee is split three ways: 45% will be burned; 45% is sent to the treasury to fund future parachain slot auctions and community expenses like a development fund; 10% is distributed to the collator who produced the block containing this transaction.
  2. The KMA token serves as a medium of exchange.
  3. The KMA token represents governance rights on Calamari.
  4. MantaPay on Calamari public-to-private and vice versa transactions will not charge any additional premium for now.
  5. For the first 3 years after the launch of Staking, 3% of total KMA issuance will be distributed per year as staking rewards to incentivize decentralization. KMA distributed are created through minting of new KMA. All newly minted KMA will periodically be burned from the treasury to compensate for this inflation. After 3 years, the Calamari community will decide on further incentives.