Introducing Manta AI: Full Suite of AI Tools for Training, Deployment and Inference on Manta Pacific

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3 min readApr 4, 2024

Manta Network, Celestia, ORA, and Hyperbolic are collaborating to bring full-scale AI development to Manta Pacific, covering the entire lifecycle from training to deployment and inference through Universal Circuits enhanced with Manta AI. Hyperbolic’s DePIN infrastructure will underpin the decentralized access of GPUs for model training and AI inference; ORA’s AI oracle (leveraging opML) offers direct access for dapps on Manta Pacific to the world’s most powerful AGI models such as Stable Diffusion (the world’s most powerful AI media generation tool) and Llama (Meta’s state-of-the-art language model). Both training and inference tooling will be available through Manta Network’s Universal Circuits on Manta Pacific, which leverages modular DA from Celestia.

Largest Modular L2 Ecosystem Infusing Massive Scalability

As the largest modular L2 ecosystem, Manta Network is ideal for deploying and scaling AI applications. It achieves this through a modular architecture that simplifies the integration of AI tools and services. Compounding these capabilities, Celestia drives Manta Pacific’s modular data availability, providing unmatched scalability for high-performance applications leveraging AGI tools. New AGI-powered tools and services powered by Hyperbolic, including enhanced Universal Circuits through Manta AI, will be available for developers to plug in new features and applications to unlock use cases that wouldn’t be possible without AGI.

Untethered Access to Powerful AGI Models

ORA offers an optimistic machine learning protocol (opML), which facilitates a cost-effective and scalable solution for running off-chain inference combined with on-chain verifiability. Unlike with traditional oracle solutions, ORA’s approach is designed specifically for compute-intensive workloads such as AI inference.

ORA will deploy its On-chain AI Oracle (OAO) to Manta Pacific, enabling the scalable inference features on the network. Manta Network will further integrate these new features into its Universal Circuits to provide easy access for developers building next-generation AI dapps.

Building New AI Models on Manta Pacific

Apart from taking advantage of powerful existing AGI models available through ORA’s future deployment of its OAO on Manta Pacific, developers can build and train their own AI models in the future leveraging Hyperbolic Labs’ DePIN network specifically optimized for training and inference.

Hyperbolic enables access to a global network of GPUs to run training and inference, offering developers censorship-resistant and decentralized solutions for building and deploying powerful models.

Enabling AI Toolkits on Manta Network’s Universal Circuits

Manta Network’s Universal Circuits currently offers a streamlined developer experience through abstraction with ZK-as-a-Service, allowing developers to quickly build and deploy ZK-enabled applications.

The Universal Circuits will be extended to offer AI-as-a-Service toolkits as well, to include access to inference of off-chain, powerful AGI models for applications and developers with little to no AI experience. Furthermore, Universal Circuits will enable the easy development of new AI models, which can be leveraged by dapps or offered as services on-chain.

Cost-effective AI at Scale

AI inference has many barriers to entry when it comes to scalability including the high costs of compute and storage. As the largest modular L2, Manta Pacific resolves that challenge with Celestia’s modular data availability (DA) architecture and, in the future, Hyperbolic’s decentralized AI infra. Celestia, which scales with the number of nodes in its network, offers an environment that can guarantee low costs for users interacting with on-chain AI applications at scale. Leveraging Celestia, Manta Pacific has already saved users $2.5m in gas fees in 2024. With the load of AI inference, Manta Pacific anticipates even larger savings.

Bottom Line

Manta Pacific is introducing the world’s most powerful AGI models on-chain through support via top partners and leaders in the space: Celestia, ORA, and Hyperbolic. Access to the models will be made simple through Manta Network’s Universal Circuits, enabling developers to build and ship AI-powered dapps quickly and effortlessly.



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