💃🕺 Introducing MantaFest!

Let’s celebrate the launch of Manta Pacific together with a series of activities that help you explore the ecosystem.

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3 min readSep 28, 2023


Manta Pacific is excited to introduce 💃🕺MantaFest, a 5-week long celebration for the Manta Pacific Mainnet Alpha launch! Between Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 10AM EST and Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at 11:59PM EST we will be introducing many activities that users will be able to participate in. By participating, you can mint exclusive NFTs and earn points toward representing your status as an early community member within the Manta Pacific ecosystem.

Starting today, our first activity, Bridging, is live. Learn more about how to participate, earn points, score exclusive NFTs, and bring home glory!

Getting Started with Bridge Activities

MantaFest’s Bridge Activities are live! You can start by visiting our Galxe page. During these activities, we have integrated with eight different bridge providers you can interact with to earn points and obtain exclusive NFTs. These partners include Polyhedra, Orbiter, Meson, LayerSwap, Rhino.fi, Owlto, DappOS and the Manta Pacific native bridge.

By interacting with these bridges, you can start earning your rewards. A full list of actions and the associated points can be seen in the chart below, and you can start taking action on it through our Galxe campaign page.

All you need to do is complete your activity through the partner applications. The on-chain activity is tracked and recorded, and points will be associated to your wallet address.

Upcoming Activities & Rewards

The Bridge Activities are just the first of many activities that users will be able to participate in over the course of the next five weeks. We have many other festivities to explore worlds of DeFi, gaming, social, NFTs, and others within the Manta Pacific ecosystem.

NFTs & Points

Whenever you accomplish any of our festival activities, you accumulate points, which go towards representing your supporter status in the Manta Pacific ecosystem, and you can use those points to earn exclusive NFTs. These both help distinguish you as a valued early community member who has assisted in the growth of Manta Pacific.

Join the Festivities Anytime!

Every week, Manta Pacific will introduce a new series of activities that you and your friends can participate in. You can add this Calendar to your calendar app to help you track the MantaFest festivities. You can participate in any activities at any time during the festival once they are announced. For example, the Bridge Activities were introduced on September 28, and users can participate in the Bridge Activities until November 7. Join any time; everyone is welcome!

Got questions? If you’re stuck or need clarification on any activities, find your fellow festival-goers in the Manta Network Discord. You can ask other community members or moderators to clarify what you’re stuck on. We encourage you to come interact with the community, say hi, and share your excitement in MantaFest!



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