Introducing p0xeidon labs

We are excited to introduce p0xeidon labs, the team building cutting-edge decentralized privacy tech for web3.

p0xeidon labs is a team of world-class contributors on a mission to enable privacy across web3. We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and work to build and deploy the tools to make it accessible to the world, through the use of zero-knowledge proofs.

The team focuses on building the Manta Network, the plug-and-play privacy preserving parachain on Polkadot, as well as continuing development of Calamari Network, Manta’s Canary Network on Kusama.

Trusted Setup: the Key to ZKPs on MantaPay

Coming Soon.

Manta Network will be announcing details about the trusted setup ceremony in the coming days, so keep an eye out for more details. The ceremony will generate the proving/verifying keys that are needed to create zero-knowledge proofs that power MantaPay protocol, and are needed in order to deploy MantaPay protocol on Calamari/Manta. More details can be found in our post about Trusted Setups.

Poseidon VM: A new research project by p0xeidon Labs

A new team at p0xeidon labs has been created to focus on a new research project, Poseidon VM, bringing Manta-grade privacy to Ethereum. Poseidon VM is the first zkApp-friendly VM with EVM compatibility, enabling zkApps with privacy, scalability, and attestation in addition to benefiting from gas-efficient zkApp transactions (a zkApp transaction can be 2,000x cheaper compared with other L2s).

Different from the clean sheet designs like Aleo and Mina, Poseidon VM provides layered programming abstractions to zkApp developers, including the EVM tool-chains that DApp developers are already familiar with and love. The rich system-level zk-precompiles that Poseidon VM provides also allow DApp developers code zkApps purely using Solidity.

Expanding Our Vision for Privacy Across Web3

Recent events have clarified that there will always be pushback against the basic right to privacy. The web3 community realized that more lobbying for privacy rights is needed, on all fronts and across all blockchains. Hopefully, this move will bring more tools for Ethereum, Polkadot, and Kusama developers to build the privacy-preserving Dapps we need. We also believe this move will mutually benefit our Manta community, as we will build more bridges and tools for other blockchain ecosystems to easily move across chains.



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