Introducing Renew Paradigm: Monster Ecosystem Yield on Manta Pacific

Renew Paradigm is the next installment of New Paradigm! To begin, find an invite code (you can search on X with hashtag #mantarenewparadigm or find an invite code in our Discord channel).

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Join Renew Paradigm:

Renew Paradigm: the Next Chapter of New Paradigm

Unlock greater rewards with Manta and ecosystem partners

Built upon the success of Manta New Paradigm and enhancing the incentives of MANTA, STONE, and wUSDM, Renew Paradigm is now live! 3,000,000 MANTA are allocated across 11 projects as rewards; furthermore, participating projects offer their own rewards.

You can now engage with 11 projects in the Manta ecosystem using MANTA, STONE, and wUSDM to get Eco-Staked assets. Stake your associated Eco-Staked assets into Manta Renew Paradigm to earn extra eco projects‘ exclusive NFT rewards.

As the current largest modular L2, Manta network has constructed a highly efficient infrastructure with lower costs with Celestia and zkEVM. Manta Pacific powers over 200 innovative ecosystem projects, and provides users with exceptional opportunities to unlock beyond penta yield from MANTA, STONE, and wUSDM within the ecosystem with Renew Paradigm.

Moreover, the thrilling experience of forming teams and collecting Lucky Boxes from the previous game continues, and this time, we’re taking the yield to unprecedented levels.

Renew Paradigm: Beyond Monster Yield

Accelerate the yield on your MANTA, STONE, and wUSDM through Renew Paradigm. We’ve shifted the underlying assets to MANTA, STONE, and wUSDM.

3M $MANTA From New Paradigm Special Rewards Unlocked for Renew Paradigm

As part of the ongoing New Paradigm activities, 5M $MANTA were reserved for the category of Special Rewards. Out of that, 4.2M $MANTA will be distributed to projects participating in New Paradigm, indirectly benefiting New Paradigm participants. 1.2M $MANTA from the 4.2M pool have already been distributed to participating projects; the remaining 3M $MANTA will be allocated for rewards for Renew Paradigm. It will be distributed to participants in this event.

Read the MANTA tokenomics and the introduction about STONE and wUSDM in New Paradigm.

In the Manta Pacific Renew Paradigm, there are three types of Eco-Staked assets for staking:

  1. Regular wrapped ERC20 (i.e., IMANTA from Layerbank)
  2. Special ERC20 (i.e., Chip in ZKholdem, 1:1 mint ZChip after staking)
  3. ERC721 LP NFT (similar to ERC721 LP in Aperture V3)

The table below provides detailed information on which assets are supported for staking in the Renew Paradigm and how to obtain these Eco-staked assets for staking:

In addition to native yield and earnings from DeFi protocols, the staking assets you receive (e.g., lMANTA) will add another layer of yield. The graph below shows all of the yield opportunities available for Renew Paradigm:

  1. Fixed Yield: native yield from STONE and wUSDM
  2. Ecosystem Yield: activating additional yield through DeFi protocols (Lending, CDP, and DEX)
  3. Exclusive Incentives: Manta Rewards. Similar to New Paradigm, we have the crazy lucky box and NFT collection activity, earning MANTA token rewards and ecosystem project token incentives more than Penta yield. Earn Box Pieces/NFTs to earn rewards from a pool of 3M $MANTA (based on each project’s TVL rank).
  4. Exclusive Incentives: Ecosystem Rewards. Token incentives from Manta Pacific ecosystem projects. With Renew Paradigm, You can engage with 11 projects in the Manta ecosystem using MANTA, STONE, and wUSDM to get Eco-Staked assets. Stake your associated Eco-Staked assets into Manta Renew Paradigm to earn extra eco projects’ exclusive NFT rewards, which offer allocation in each ecosystem projects’ token rewards.
  5. Restaking: STONE. When you utilize STONE as the underlying asset for restaking on Manta Renew Paradigm, you earn additional point incentives including STONE points and Eigenlayer points (will be distributed by StakeStone).

NFT Collections for Ecosystem Project Rewards

Stake Eco-Staked Assets equivalent to the value of 1000 MANTA tokens will grant you 25 Box Pieces. Every 25 Box Pieces will be released over a 7-day period and automatically combine into a single Lucky Box — a mechanism very familiar for those who have participated in New Paradigm.

Each Lucky Box corresponds to a specific project and can be opened by collecting 25 Box Pieces associated with that project. Opening a Lucky Box for the corresponding ecosystem project earns you rewards through that project’s token rewards.

  • When opening a project’s Lucky Box, you will obtain one out of five NFTs for that project. Each project has five NFTs to collect; each NFT pertains to a certain rarity, and gives different allocation in the project’s rewards. The NFT you collect from a project’s box is not exchangeable for another project; e.g., if you received an NFT from the LayerBank box, you will receive allocation in LayerBank rewards.
  • If you have multiple NFTs from multiple projects, you will receive rewards from all of the projects you hold NFTs on. E.g., if you have NFTs from LayerBank, zkHoldem and ZeroLend, you will receive rewards from LayerBank, zkHoldem and ZeroLend.
  • Boxes can only be claimed during the first 30 days (Deposit Period — see Timeline below for more details).
  • You have until the end of the Renew Paradigm campaign (total 69-day period) to open your boxes to claim your NFTs.
  • The rewards you can claim from your NFTs will be available in accordance with each project’s token release schedule. The project will decide how they will distribute the rewards.

Methods to Earn Box Pieces:

  • Stake Eco-Staked Assets: Secure your Box Pieces by staking the eco-staked tokens listed on the Renew Paradigm page.
  • Invite Friends: Bring friends into the Renew Paradigm community and collectively earn Box Pieces together.
  • Achieve Team Goals: Collaborate with friends to reach collective milestones and unlock additional Box Pieces.

Unlocking Renew Paradigm Rewards with Invitations

Elevate your Renew Paradigm experience by inviting friends and unlocking exclusive benefits through our Team system. Here’s how you can invite your friends and dive into the rewarding world of New Paradigm:

  1. Find Your Unique Invite Codes: Go to the Renew Paradigm page and click on the designated link to find your invite codes.
  2. Join the Team System: To fully embrace the Team system, set and achieve specific deposit goals. Upon reaching the initial Team Goal (a total team deposit of 2,500 MANTA), you’ll unlock 4 invitation codes and Frenzy Growth rewards to help you earn more NFTs.
  3. Aim higher and hit the second Team Goal (a total team deposit of 10,000 MANTA) to receive an unlimited invitation code and even more enticing Frenzy Growth rewards, along with additional chances to acquire more NFTs!
  4. Multiply Your Rewards: As your team grows, you will earn additional rewards through your referral codes. You’ll receive 16% of the rewards earned by those you directly invite and an additional 8% from the rewards garnered by the people invited by your invites.

Initial Rewards (Coming Soon)

Get your Golden Shovels ready!

For a special audience of committed Manta Pacific community members, we want to thank you for your support with an additional gift: Initial Rewards. If you qualify with either the Golden Shovel NFT or Staking, you'll receive a batch of box pieces. Snapshots for the Initial Rewards claims will be taken later.

  • Golden Shovel NFT: Golden Treasure Shovel NFT Holders are eligible for Initial Rewards. You can mint a Golden Treasure Shovel if you have burned your Mystical Manta (from Into the Blue) or The First Modular L2 (from New Paradigm). To check your eligibility and claim your Golden Treasure Shovel NFT, please visit the Official NFT Claim Page.
  • Staking: Staking 500+ $MANTA with a minimum duration of over 30 days, qualifies you for Initial Rewards. Stake your $MANTA now.


You can stake your MANTA, STONE, or wUSDM on Renew Paradigm to start accumulating Box Pieces. The deposit period and distribution of Box Pieces will remain open for the next 30 days. After 69 days from the initiation of Renew Paradigm, you will have the option to withdraw your assets.

Claim your MANTA token rewards and the token rewards from 11 ecosystem projects with NFTs following each project’s Token Generation Event (TGE).

About Manta Network

Manta Network is the modular blockchain for zero-knowledge (ZK) applications. Manta Pacific is the modular L2 ecosystem for EVM-native ZK applications and dapps that want to deliver the lowest cost and best experience for users. Leveraging Manta’s Universal Circuits to enable ZK-as-a-Service, and Celestia’s data availability for modularity to deliver low gas fees, Manta Pacific offers the perfect environment for ZK-enabled applications. Learn more about Manta Pacific here.

Manta Network is created by a team of experienced founders from prestigious institutions, including Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. Manta Network has received investments from many of the top web3 investment funds, including Binance Labs and Polychain Capital. It has grown through participation in the best web3 accelerators, including Alliance DAO and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. Manta Network is poised to bring the next generation of web3 users and usher in a new chapter of privacy-focused web3 applications.

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