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6 min readApr 8, 2024


Manta Network is thrilled to announce the selection of nine projects for the inaugural cohort (zkAP-I) of the zk Accelerator Program. In collaboration with Celestia and Polygon, this 6-week program aims to cultivate scalable use cases that propel Web 3 adoption forward, supported by industry leaders.

This program offers participants access to mentors from the Web3 sphere to assist with various aspects of their projects, including go-to-market strategies, technical guidance, networking, and accessing resources. Mentors from prominent organizations like Manta Network, Celestia, Polygon, and industry experts will provide tailored mentorship sessions covering the most common challenges, business strategy, and marketing.

Participants may also access potential funding opportunities through grants, investments, and partnerships facilitated by Manta’s network. Additionally, there will be investment readiness workshops, opportunities to pitch at zkDay, regular meetups, webinars, and networking events to connect with industry professionals and investors.

Collaboration with other participants is encouraged, and a Demo Day event will showcase participants’ progress and innovations to potential investors and partners, providing exposure within the blockchain ecosystem.

Applications are always open for the following cohorts and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply here now.

The zkAccelerator (zkAcc) proudly presents its inaugural batch, symbolizing the start of an exciting journey. Following a rigorous selection process, we are delighted to welcome nine outstanding projects to the zkAcc cohort. Listed alphabetically:

  • Filemarket (DePin): P2P Platform for trading digital goods in Web3
  • Firefly Dex (De-Fi): Full-featured DEX on Manta Pacific.
  • Gull Network (Infra): Codeless DeFi Integration and trading experience on Manta.
  • Magpie Protocol (De-Fi): Decentralized liquidity aggregation protocol for cross-chain exchange infrastructure
  • Nimble Technology(AI): The first-ever decentralized AI framework.
  • Reclaim Protocol (zk): Facilitating seamless transfer of users’ activity, reputation, and identity from other websites to yours, via user-friendly SDKs.
  • Rivalz (AI): AI-driven Data Provenance DePIN RollApp
  • Vooi Trade (De-Fi): Intent-based perp DEX aggregator
  • Wallchain (Infra): Yield-bearing Wallet Infra enabled with Native Yield Abstraction


FileMarket is a P2P file-sharing protocol & platform for storing, transferring, and trading files. While it is fully permissionless, it empowers users with true ownership, 100% privacy, on-chain provenance, a vibrant secondary market, automated royalties, low fees, instant payouts, and perpetual storage options.

Integrating FileMarket into the Manta ecosystem introduces a pioneering DePIN dApp, enhancing data management with multi-storage solutions across platforms like Filecoin, BNB Greenfield, and IPFS. This diversification supports Manta’s growth, promising increased user engagement through affordable transactions and a safer, more dynamic environment for data exchange.

Firefly Dex

Firefly is a premier modular DEX with ‘CEX-like features on a DEX’ such as limit orders to accumulate at pre-defined prices and take-profit sell orders to exit a position when a certain profit’s been reached. Built by a team from high-tech leaders Amazon and Twitter, firefly puts the customer first. With helpful functionality like Single-Sided liquidity to offering 24–7 round-the-clock User support to provide customers with assistance, firefly’s mission as a Manta-native dex is to Empower the Manta ecosystem.

Gull Network

Gull is the pioneering solution for token launch, revolutionizing DeFi with an open and decentralized platform where anyone can operate a node and engage in open governance. It simplifies the creation and management of DeFi products with codeless pools, farms, and customizable token specifications, alongside sniper-proof liquidity provisions. GullSwap streamlines tokenization and DeFi engagement with intuitive smart contracts and DApp tools, simplifying token launch, liquidity acquisition, and AMM setup.

Gull Network aims to provide a comprehensive DeFi trading environment on Manta, including features like swapping, voting, and bribing. On top of that, Gull also emphasizes introducing meme culture to the Manta ecosystem and giving the community maximum support to foster the growth of meme culture. Gull’s codeless token launcher enables anyone to create their own tokens or even rewarders effortlessly, allowing them to establish their own community and token with ease.

Magpie Protocol

Magpie Protocol is a decentralized liquidity aggregation protocol for cross-chain swaps aiming to provide the best deal on any asset across top blockchains without the need to bridge assets independently.

Magpie Protocol offers fast, secure, and cost-effective asset swapping within the Manta ecosystem by integrating its own aggregation algorithm, ensuring competitive rates without reliance on external aggregators. Beyond cross-chain swapping, Magpie enables on-chain asset swaps within Manta, enhancing user experience and ecosystem efficiency. With Magpie’s omnichain DApp integration, developers can create versatile dApps accessible from any chain, promoting broader adoption and growth of the Manta network.


Nimble is building the first modular AI orchestration platform. The protocol enables modularity for AI models, compute, and training data. Developers can leverage models from the world’s AI engineers, data from the public data aggregators, and compute from the globally distributed infrastructure providers to build bespoke applications and custom models with omni-chain access.

By integrating Nimble with Manta, all the dApps on Manta will gain access to inferences generated by AI models running on Nimble.


Reclaim Protocol makes https traffic verifiable using Zero-Knowledge Proofs, enabling users to generate verifiable credentials from any of their online profiles. Some examples of these proofs are proof of number of rides taken by a user on Uber, proof of number of views on a user’s Instagram reel. Morever, Reclaim doesn’t require any APIs or any changes to the web servers.

This will help Dapp developers within the Manta ecosystem leverage these proofs and build novel use cases such as vampire attacking web2 companies — bootstrapping user reputation using Web2 data, Proof of personhood & sybil resistance using the activity data on Uber, Amazon etc.


Rivalz a Dymension RollApp building an AI Data layer and a modular AI-app ecosystem. We are currently working on building a cross-chain infrastructure of AI Agents powered by Autonolas and Axelar.

Manta Network has been chosen as one of the initial partners to collaborate on establishing an AGENTZ Hub, serving as a beacon for AI Agents across Manta and other chains to interact. Collaborative efforts with Manta will be focused on bringing this vision to fruition and subsequently inviting builders to develop their own AI Agents.


Vooi is an emerging intent-based Perp DEX Aggregator that provides an efficient liquidity mechanism, and the highiest trade quality for professional and retail traders.

Vooi will be supporting KiloEx and APX Finance as main perp DEXs for aggregation on Manta as well as provide cross-chain trading from other chains.


Wallchain builds a smart wallet that automatically collects extra yield and rewards.

When the user is not using the wallet, their funds are securely deposited to the hottest yield, restaking, lending protocols on Manta. Automated smart withdrawals make funds always available. Imagine collecting all of the hottest Manta Rewards on autopilot, while casually using your wallet.

Applications are always open for the following cohorts and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply here now.

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