KMA is now listed on Solarbeam

Add KMA liquidity to earn a 0.20% fee on all trades proportional to your share of the pool + an additional 30,000 KMA daily from the Treasury

How to Provide Liquidity

Adding your KMA to Solarbeam is easy to do and will earn you a 0.20% fee on all trades proportional to your share of the pool. Here’s what to do:

  1. Head to and connect your wallet

How to Transfer KMA for xcKMA

Moonriver needs to receive KMA in their native form, xcKMA.

  1. Head to
  2. Connect to your Polkadot.js wallet
  3. Select “Calamari” > To “Moonriver”,select one of your Kusama Addresses and the amount of KMA you’d like to bridge.
  4. Confirm trade

All KMA/MOVR liquidity providers will receive additional KMA and SOLAR rewards

The Calamari Treasury will be allocating 30,000 KMA and 100 Solar tokens daily to all liquidity providers of the KMA/MOVR pair on Solarbeam. This will last 30 days starting today, with the rate readjusting afterward.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is committed to building a better Web3 world through privacy protection. Manta’s product design starts from first principles and provides end-to-end privacy protection for blockchain users through leading cryptography architectures such as zkSNARK. While ensuring privacy, Manta offers interoperability, convenience, high performance, and auditability, allowing users to conduct private transfers and transactions between any parallel chain of assets. Manta’s vision is to provide more convenient privacy protection services for the entire blockchain world.



The Fastest ZK L1 Network for On-chain Privacy

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