Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRTs) on Manta: Introducing Manta Restaking Paradigm

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3 min readMar 16, 2024


Today, we introduce the next installment for Renew Paradigm: Manta Restaking Paradigm. Following on the footsteps of New Paradigm and the ongoing Renew Paradigm, Restaking Paradigm involves Liquid Restake Tokens (LRTs) further to optimize capital efficiency and yield generation on Manta Pacific.

The first project launching with Manta Restaking Paradigm is Users can bridge their weETH to Manta Pacific to participate in the Restaking Paradigm. By doing so, you earn additional rewards and can use your LRT tokens in Renew Paradigm.

Penta Rewards

The rewards for Restaking Paradigm take advantage of the existing rewards from Renew Paradigm, including rewards from 11 different ecosystem projects and a 3M Manta rewards pool.

  1. ETH Staking Yield: rewards from native yield on staking ETH.
  2. LRT Projects Point Boost: Points or rewards boost are provided by LRT projects participating in the Restaking Paradigm; i.e. Users can earn 2x loyalty points by staking ETH on and bridging weETH (wrapped eETH, a liquidity staking derivative token) to Manta Pacific to participate in Manta Restaking Paradigm.
  3. Eigenlayer Points: Users can earn Eigenlayer points as all LRT projects will restake via Eigenlayer (distributed through LRT projects).
  4. Manta Token Rewards: A total of 3M MANTA tokens are set aside for Renew Paradigm and future LRT campaign; users restaking through Restaking Paradigm can use their LRT assets in Renew Paradigm to also qualify for Manta Token Rewards.
  5. Manta Ecosystem Projects Token incentive: Users can use LRT token supported by Restaking Paradigm on Manta Renew Paradigm projects, earning additional rewards from Manta ecosystem projects.

Introducing, the first project on Restaking Paradigm

We are delighted to announce as the first project on the Restaking Paradigm. provides an non-custody staking protocol, empowering users with key management autonomy and opportunities to stake and restake ETH for optimal rewards. weETH, the liquid staking derivative token of, is automatically restaked to maximize DeFi yields.

The integration of weETH into Manta Pacific aims to provide users with more opportunities for rewards and enhanced experience on the platform, while simultaneously promoting capital efficiency and maximizing yield generation on Manta Pacific. points are obtained by staking ETH on the platform. From now until the end of May, ETH staked on through Manta Restaking Paradigm will earn 2X points. Additionally, ETH staked on through Manta Restaking Paradigm will earn EigenLayer points in the same time.

You can earn 2X points from now until the end of May on Manta Restaking Paradigm.

Note: weETH will be locked until April 2024. loyalty points accrue in real time once restaking is completed, which usually takes 24 hours.

Additional LRT Service Coming Soon

In addition to, we are excited to announce the inclusion of several other exciting LRT projects that will be coming soon:

  • KelpDAO: rsETH
  • Puffer: PufETH
  • Bedrock: UniETH

High-yield Ethereum-based stablecoin:

  • Ethena: USDe

And more projects are waiting to join; stay tuned for our next step of the restaking paradigm!

Start restaking on Manta Pacific today to take advantage of the Restaking Paradigm campaign launching with EtherFi and many other services soon. Use the campaign opportunity to boost rewards for Renew Paradigm!



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