Lucky Boxes Available Now: The Amazing NFT Rewards on New Paradigm

Open Boxes to obtain NFTs that offer you a slice of Manta New Paradigm Base Rewards and Special Rewards

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5 min readDec 24, 2023


Last week, the reveal of New Paradigm sparked great excitement. Within 7days of the New Paradigm launch, Manta Pacific’s TVL surpassed $145 million with over 19,000 participants! Now, it’s time to unveil the Lucky Box for you!

Are you ready to try your luck and draw the rarest NFT to elevate your rewards to new heights? Head over to New Paradigm now and discover the thrill of earning NFT rewards by securing Lucky Boxes!

🎁 Read the detailed rules of the New Paradigm.

Introducing Lucky Boxes

There are two types of Lucky Boxes available in New Paradigm:

Common Lucky Boxes

As you may have noticed, successfully bridging your assets and inviting your frens to your team earned you Box Pieces. Collecting 25 such box pieces earned you a Common Lucky Box. Now you can open that Common Lucky Box to reveal one of six special NFTs.

Frenzy Growth Lucky Boxes

Beyond the Common Lucky Box is the Frenzy Growth Lucky Box. To increase your chances of obtaining a Frenzy Growth Lucky Box, achieve team goals at the 5 ETH (which also unlocks 4 additional invitation codes) and 20 ETH mark (which also unlocks the permanent invite code). The Frenzy Growth Lucky Box offers a random set of 2 to 20 NFTs.

Each time you open a box, there’s a chance to transform your next box into a Frenzy Growth variant, with the probability increasing by the Frenzy Growth percentage each time.

Everyone has a chance of obtaining a Frenzy Growth Lucky Boxes. The initial probability is 1%. With each unsuccessful growth, your Frenzy probability will rise by 5%. Elevate your Frenzy Growth even further by achieving team contribution and climbing the Leaderboard Rank. Every time you obtain a Frenzy Growth Lucky Box, your probability is reset to 1%.

Obtaining a Lucky Box with Box Pieces

Unlocking the Lucky Boxes on New Paradigm involves active participation:

  • Box Pieces for Active Users: Supported by Trusta Labs Media Score, addresses engaging with the Manta Pacific and other L2 networks (Linea, Base, and Zksync) will be recognized as active users. If you are eligible, connect your wallet and deposit at least 0.25 ETH or equivalent USDC to unlock the Initial Box Pieces as an active users‘ reward.
  • Box Pieces for Bridging Reward: Bridging your assets by depositing ETH or USDC will receive Box Pieces. The quantity is determined by the total value of the assets you deposited, with additional pieces accumulating over time. Every 7 days, you can unlock your new Box Pieces.
  • Referral Benefits: Invite your frens through one of your invite codes/links (only one person can join a team using a single invite code), and both you and your friend become eligible to earn Lucky Box pieces. Spread the excitement!

Once you have 25 Box Pieces, they can be combined into 1 Lucky Box. The boxes will automatically combine after 7 days.

As mentioned in the context above, achieving the team goal will help you obtain the Frenzy Growth Lucky Box. Once you get a Frenzy Growth Lucky Box, you have a chance to get more NFTs, depending on your Frenzy Growth score.

Embark on a Journey of New Paradigm NFT Collection

When you open a Common Lucky Box, one of six special NFTs will appear. Click on the “Claim” button, sign the signature on your wallet, and you will then receive the NFTs inside the Lucky Box. All New Paradigm NFTs are minted on Manta Pacific Layer 2.

Each Lucky Box promises an NFT, ranging from common to rare. The rarity of each NFT indicates varying rewards levels. You can further combine all 6 NFTs to unlock The 1st Modular L2 NFT, which gives the ultimate rewards!

The Rewards

Each of the 6 NFTs provides a varying level of rewards for New Paradigm based on their rarity (listed from least to most rare):

1️⃣ TiEr OnE bAcKeRs

2️⃣ LeAdErBoArD sCoReS

3️⃣ SeCuRe MulTiSiGs

4️⃣ LeGiT tEaMs

5️⃣ FiXeD hIgH yIeLds

6️⃣ l33t CoDeS

The 6 NFTs you can obtain give you a cut in the Manta New Paradigm Base Rewards. Combining all 6 NFTs into The First Modular L2 NFT gives you a slice from some of the Manta New Paradigm Special Rewards. Once you obtain The First Modular L2 NFT, you forfeit the six NFTs you used to create it.

The NFTs are minted on Manta Pacific. Once you obtain one, it shows up on your wallet in Manta Pacific. You can trade them on any NFT marketplace on Manta Pacific. Eventually, you will be able to use the NFTs you have in your wallet to claim your rewards.

Apart from collecting NFT by opening Lucky Boxes, you can also purchase any NFT on an NFT marketplace such as Element, AlienSwap or NFTb. Completing the entire set of these 6 NFTs will reward you with a rare NFT, aiding you in achieving a higher rank for the ultimate reward.

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