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3 min readSep 4, 2023
"Overall, Manta Network's codebase was of very high quality. 
The accompanied documentation was clear and easy to follow,
and the test suite was extensive and exercised all
security-critical flows of the system."

-- @VeridiseInc

Throughout 2023, Manta Network engaged various auditors to perform audits of its Atlantic Network. Manta Atlantic is the L1 designed for private on-chain identity and transacting. Manta Network contracted the four following independent auditors:

  • Veridise
  • ABDK
  • Halborn
  • Secure3

By engaging separate auditors, Manta Network ensures a thorough and well-rounded assessment of the various components powering Manta Atlantic.

Examined Components & Results

Within Manta Atlantic, the following components were audited independently by the contracted auditors. Various auditors were assigned various components, to ensure detailed cross-examination for the purpose of reducing the likelihood of missing vulnerabilities. To view a list of the audit results, you can visit this Github link.

Manta Atlantic’s ZK Circuits (Manta-ZK Lib)

Manta Atlantic’s ZK circuits comprise the core competency of the network. The ZK circuits ensure the proper functioning of the value proposition of Atlantic.

Veridise examined Manta Atlantic’s Manta-ZK Lib. Through it examination, Veridise discovered no critical or high-severity issues. A full copy of the report can be reviewed here.

Manta Atlantic’s Blockchain Network (Manta Chain)

Manta Atlantic’s core L1 chain operates the entire network and delivers its services to end users worldwide. Securing the chain is mission-critical; therefore, the audit is necessary.

Veridise examined Manta Atlantic’s blockchain network. Through its examination, no critical or high-severity issues were detected. A full copy of the report can be reviewed here.

Manta Atlantic’s Frontend Components

Manta Atlantic’s Frontend Components comprise all the dapps that users interact with, including MantaPay, the Bridge and Staking interfaces. Ensuring the security of these components mitigates the risk of frontend security exploits.

Secure3 analyzed the various frontends categorized under the Manta Atlantic Frontend Components. Through its analysis, no critical or high-severity issues were detected. A copy of its vulnerability assessment can be reviewed here.

zkSBTs (Manta SBT)

Minting zkSBTs on Manta Atlantic is a core service provided by the L1 protocol in offering trustless and private on-chain identity. By using the Manta Atlantic NPO, users are able to mint zkSBTs that verify their on-chain identity and activities. The minted zkSBTs can then be used to verify on other applications leveraging Manta, without the need for a wallet.

Both Halborn and Veridise have audited Manta’s zkSBT services. Neither Halborn nor Veridise have detected critical or high-severity issues in their analysis. A copy of the Halborn results can be found here, and a copy of the Veridise results can be found here.

Next Steps

The results of the audits of various services and protocols deployed on Manta Atlantic have demonstrated that the network is in a strong position in regards to security. With the verifications from four independent auditors complete, Manta Atlantic begins preparing for the next step of its network deployment. You can join the Discord channel to follow on the latest news and next steps for the network.



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