Manta CeDeFi: Boosting Yield and Security

Manta CeDeFi: offering more opportunities for Manta users through a diversified approach to earning yield through CeFi and DeFi.

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7 min readMay 19, 2024


Manta CeDeFi unlocks opportunities directly to on-chain users beyond simply DeFi solutions. This CeFi + DeFi (CeDeFi) combination brings users with institutional-grade compliance and extensive financial agility, through which Manta CeDeFi enables USDT, USDC, wUSDM, WBTC, BTCB, ETH, and STONE holders to earn more: including CeFi’s stable strategy arbitrage, DeFi yields on Manta Pacific, and $MANTA token incentives.

Earn CeFi and DeFi Yields with Security

Manta CeDefi introduces a unique feature: CeFi and DeFi yields are generated in parallel. This ecosystem offers two permanent types of earnings and one limited-time opportunity for BTC/ETH/USD holders. The permanent earnings include CeFi opportunities and on-chain activities, while the limited-opportunity earnings are rewarded in Manta tokens through a 2-month points program that encourages early adoption of Manta CeDeFi.

CeFi Regulatory Custody

Manta Network is working with Ceffu (formerly Binance Custody) to bring the highest standards of security and compliance when it comes to managing crypto assets. The staked crypto assets will be secured by Ceffu, and users receive an on-chain Liquid Custody Token (LCT) on Manta Pacific corresponding to their deposit. An LCT is similar to an LST in the sense that it is a liquid derivative of the original asset. In the case of Manta Pacific’s LCTs, the following LCTs will be distributed (referred to as mTokens):

  • WBTC/BTCB -> mBTC;

Upon depositing USDT/USDC/wUSDM/wBTC/BTCB/ETH/STONE, you will automatically receive Liquid Custody Tokens representing your deposit on Manta Pacific, which can be redeemed for mBTC / mETH / mUSD (these LST assets will be collectively referred to as mTokens) shares.

Simplified Management of Diversified Assets

Users will have access to a range of asset management services, each with unique strategies and tailored incentive plans. You can choose to use these services while connecting your mBTC/mETH/mUSD to Manta Pacific. Daily asset income can be viewed on the dashboard, and detailed information on the latest strategies and their benefits can be found on the asset management page.

Minimum Staked Amounts

To take advantage of Manta CeDeFi, users must meet the minimum requirements for staking their assets:

Manta CeDeFi Earnings Structure

To amplify the returns on USDT/USDC/wUSDM/wBTC/BTCB/ETH/STONE assets pledged in CeDeFi, Manta CeDeFi’s asset earnings are divided into three parts, each providing users with unique opportunities to make a profit. Here is a deeper exploration of each revenue stream based on the provided chart:

CeFi Earnings: Ceffu MirrorX’s On-chain CeFi Yield and Funding Rate Arbitrage

In Manta CeDeFi, we integrate CeFi for secure TVL management via Ceffu’s custody, ensuring compliance & security. Assets are mirrored on Manta Pacific chain via Ceffu’s MirrorX, ensuring transparency.

Ceffu generates revenue through Delta-neutral trading strategies enabled by MirrorX. This off-exchange settlement solution reflects assets on Binance. Transparency in on-chain asset tracking is ensured by Ceffu’s MirrorX.

Defi Earnings: Defi Earnings from Manta Pacific On-chain Projects

Apart from accessing CeFi opportunities, Manta Pacific, the largest live modular L2, hosts various opportunities in the DeFi side. Currently, the Manta ecosystem has more than 200 ecological projects, and there will be more projects to support the assets in Manta CeDefi

MANTA Points and Token Airdrops

Moreover, you can also earn MANTA points and receive monthly MANTA airdrops to boost your returns.

Furthermore, Manta Pacific always encourages teamwork and making frens. With the Manta CeDeFi event, you can build your teams as well to meet team goals. When the total value of individual or team DEPOSIT reaches the specified amount, you can get rewards:

Through Manta CeDefi, USDT/USDC/wUSDM/wBTC/BTCB/ETH/STONE holders can earn both Cefi and Defi rewards, as well as MANTA incentives and ecosystem projects‘ incentives, making Cefi assets. Transform Cefi assets from passive assets into active assets.

FAQs and Details

How do I migrate my assets from Renew Paradigm to CeDeFi?

You can go through the normal unstaking process from Renew Paradigm and then deposit into CeDeFi. In Renew Paradigm, you first need to unstake your derivative token from the Renew Paradigm page. After that, go to the project (e.g., Zerolend) where you staked your assets to withdraw. After you withdraw your staked asset, you can take it over to the CeDeFi page to stake.

What are the rewards we can expect on the points side for the campaign?

To encourage the adoption of Manta CeDeFi, we are running a 2-month campaign for users to collect Manta points corresponding to their deposits. These points will provide additional rewards at the end of the campaign (July 27, 2024) in the form of Manta tokens. The total amount of rewards will be disclosed once the campaign is concluded.

When will points rewards for Manta CeDeFi end?

The points rewards for Manta CeDeFi ends on July 27, 2024. For a limited time (69 total days starting from May 19, 2024 until July 27, 2024), users will be able to also earn Manta token rewards through Points. To earn points, simply deposit your crypto assets into the Manta CeDeFi product. Please note that points will only be earned for users who deposited their assets prior to hitting the total $500m Manta CeDeFi TVL. Once Manta CeDeFi surpasses $500m in TVL, no additional deposits will be eligible for points.

I staked my assets but I don’t see my points accumulating.

The Manta points are accrued every 24 hours from the moment when you first begin staking your assets. In order to collect your points, you must open the Points Box once your points refresh after the 24-hour period. You can access your points box through the Points section of the CeDeFi dashboard.

How is CeFi APY estimated?

CeFi APY is estimated and not a guarantee of any future yield. The estimates are based on historical data. From May 18, 2024 to May 25, 2024 (the first seven days of the CeDeFi product launch), the estimated APY is based on the previous 30-day (April 18 to May 18, 2024) yield data provided by asset management partners. From May 26th and onward, estimated yield data is updated based on historical performance of the past 7 days.

What happens to the points I can accumulate when Manta CeDeFi TVL hits $300m and $500m, respectively?

For every $10 of crypto deposited while Manta CeDeFi is under $300m TVL, you will receive 100 points as a base reward. For every $10 of crypto deposited while Manta CeDeFi TVL is between $300 to $500m, you will receive 50 points as a base reward. Any crypto deposited after $500m TVL will not receive Manta points, but is still eligible to earn yield from CeFi and DeFi. For full details, please refer to the Manta CeDeFi blog post.

What are Time Multipliers for the Manta points?

Time Multipliers are additional multipliers to boost your Manta points rewards. They are triggered based on the amount of time you have deposited (and thus, hold mTokens) your crypto into Manta CeDeFi.

30-day Time Multiplier: after holding your mTokens for 30 days, your points will increase 2x. This applies to any points you’ve already accumulated, as well as any points you will receive in the future. For example, if you accumulated 3,000 points in the first 30 days, you will receive an additional 3,000 points; furthermore, your daily points that you continue to accrue will also be increased.

60-day Time Multiplier: after holding your mTokens for 60 days, your points will increase an additional 2x for a total of 4x (including the 30-day Multiplier).

You are qualified for the Time Multipliers as long as you continue to hold 50% or more of your mTokens throughout the time period. If at any time your mTokens drop below 50% of your original amount, you will lose all your Time Multiplier bonuses.

When will yield rewards for Manta CeDeFi end?

Manta CeDeFi is a new product with ongoing rewards from the CeFi and DeFi yields. There is no end to the yield rewards from CeFi and DeFi on your deposits.

Where do the CeFi yields come from?

The CeFi yields come from Ceffu, a regulated and qualified custodian of crypto assets that was previously Binance Custody. Ceffu offers institutional-grade management of crypto assets that traditionally could only be accessed by high-net-worth individuals. Manta CeDeFi unlocks that access for the users within the Manta ecosystem.

What are mTokens?

mTokens are a collection of LSTs you receive on Manta Pacific when you deposit your tokens into Manta CeDeFi.

What networks are supported for Manta CeDeFi?

Currently, BNB Chain (BTCB, USDC, USDT), Ethereum (WBTC, USDT, USDC, ETH) and Manta Pacific (ETH, STONE, wUSDM) are supported to give users the flexibility from where to deposit their assets.

Can I deposit Bitcoin (BTC) natively?

No. Please do not attempt to deposit any Bitcoin or other assets that are not specifically instructed in the product, or you will risk losing your funds.

What is the custodian wallet address?

Manta Pacific strives to provide transparency for these on-chain, custodied assets. The wallet address that custodies all assets is 0x0Ef3F47Af549546A2d59f32fdcA33CB1CfF4AabC.

What is the lockup period for my assets?

There will be a brief lockup at launch (May 17, 2024) that will expire in early June. You can withdraw your funds at any time after that period. If you withdraw your funds, you will no longer receive yield or accumulate Manta points. The withdrawal period processing will take up to 7 days



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