Manta Network Ambassador Program 2024

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2 min readMay 22, 2024

Manta Network is launching the next season of its ambassador program this June 2024 and we want you to be part of this enchanting journey by becoming a Manta Wizard.

From casting spells on social media to hosting mystical events, your influence will ripple across the digital landscape, leaving a lasting impression on all who dare to witness your magic.

What is the goal of this program?

We are looking to identify 100 key advocates around the world for Manta Network. These advocates will help conjure a self-sustaining community and further define our Manta culture. We place emphasis on our curation and only the most magical will be admitted.

Benefits of becoming a Manta Wizard

  1. Access to our Spellbook, a series of spells (tasks) that you can complete to earn incentives and Manta tokens
  2. Official swags and merchandise from Manta Network
  3. Represent Manta Network proudly at online/offline engagements
  4. Access to workshops and mentorship opportunities


We are batching our program by seasons. Season 1 will begin in June 2024 and end in August 2024. Each season will last for 3 months where the wizards will be evaluated on their performance and be rewarded accordingly. Recruitment for Season 1 will begin in May 2024.

The Spellbook

Wizards that choose to embark on this quest with us are expected to wear the Manta robe proudly, cast spells, and spark conversations around Manta Network.

From moderating our socials, creating content, hosting AMAs/events, and engaging our ecosystem projects — there will be an abundance of activities that you can immediately participate in. These “spells” that you cast will directly contribute to your standing in the seasonal leaderboard.

Claim responsibility and don’t slack, inactive wizards will be expelled from the program! High performing wizards stand to share a pool of token rewards and be promoted to champions at the end of the season that will unlock further benefits.

Token rewards

A pool of Manta tokens will be allocated each season and distributed to ambassadors participating in the leaderboard.

Community ranks

  1. Recruits — Get onboarded to the program by completing basic training
  2. Wizards — Start completing spells and participate in the seasonal leaderboard
  3. Champions — Advocates that have proven themselves and are recognised as champions of the community
  4. Elders — Full time community managers that are managing the program

Applications are now open!

What are you waiting for? The world awaits your spellbinding prowess. Apply here now!



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