Manta Network Extends zkSBT Features to Over 1.5m Web3 Users

Manta Network
4 min readJul 6


Manta Network, the fastest ZK layer supporting modular on-chain privacy, is focused on leveraging ZK solutions to assist Web3 projects in various aspects of on-chain identity. After two months of dedicated efforts, our active address count has surpassed 200,000. At the same time, Manta Wallet has achieved over 200,000 downloads.

These achievements are a testament to the collective endeavors of our ecosystem partners. Within Manta’s extensive ecosystem, we have successfully amassed a user base of over 1.5 million individuals, including prominent platforms such as ReadON with 300,000 users, Dmail with 325,000 users, Ultiverse with 250,000 users, and TaskON with 700,000 users. These leading projects have seamlessly integrated with Manta Network, providing enhanced functionality to their respective user bases.

ReadON, for instance, has partnered with Manta Network to address privacy concerns related to on-chain social protocols. By leveraging Manta’s ZK-based solutions, ReadON now offers a “private mode” that ensures complete on-chain social privacy. Users can engage in activities such as reading, liking, and commenting without compromising their privacy or revealing sensitive information.

POMP (Proof of My Possessions) is another valuable platform within our ecosystem. It allows users to securely verify their on-chain activity, assets, and web3 identity attributes. With POMP, users can verify their own on-chain information or authenticate the data of others without exposing their wallet addresses or compromising their privacy. It simplifies the process and eliminates the need for complex techniques like managing multiple wallet addresses.

Dmail has successfully integrated with Manta Wallet, enabling Manta Wallet users to log in to Dmail using their Manta Wallet public addresses. As a result, users gain direct access to Dmail’s decentralized email infrastructure, enabling them to send and receive emails with the utmost privacy and security. Manta Wallet users can also send emails to other users with SpaceID, ENS, and Unstoppable domains.

Additionally, AsMatch, a leading SocialFi dating app, is natively built on Manta Network. By bonding multiple zkSBTs, users can enhance their authenticity. For instance, if a user has a zkBAB display on its profile, it means this is a Binance KYC verified user. Similarly If they have a zkArbitrum or zkLinea display, it signifies that they were early participants in the Arbitrum airdrop event. These zkSBTs help establish the genuineness of users, ensuring that interactions on the platform involve real people and not bots.

Over the past two months, our ecosystem partners have launched a total of 11 zkSBTs through Manta’s NPO platform. Among them, two are zkKYC products, while the remaining nine are zkCredentials products, resulting in the minting of over 300,000 zkSBTs across 200,000 wallets.

Specifically, for zkKYCs , we have introduced zkBAB and zkGalxe Passport, generating more than 100,000 KYCed zkSBTs. These zkKYC products aim to address the challenges of identity verification and compliance within the rapidly evolving domains of DeFi, SocialFi, and GameFi. As regulatory frameworks become increasingly stringent, projects in these sectors require urgent solutions to navigate the complexities of KYC compliance. However, existing market solutions prove to be burdensome for rapidly expanding web3 projects, considering operational costs and data security concerns.

Manta’s suite of zkKYCs effectively resolves these challenges. Web3 projects can seamlessly integrate the proof key to accept zkKYC product authentication, facilitating a walletless and streamlined process for end-users. Notably, a diverse range of projects, including Ultiverse, Asmatch, Taskon, Readon, Yuliverse, Web3Go, zkPass, and Letmeme, among others, have publicly announced their intention to adopt Manta’s zkKYC as their preferred KYC authentication method.

Regarding zkCredentials, we have partnered with Arbiturm, Linea, Cyberconnect, ReadON, TaskON, QuestN, Ultiverse, and Cradles. Our zkCredentials series has provided recognition to over 200,000 degens for their on-chain activities. By leveraging Manta’s NPO platform and modular ZK components, we can condense on-chain actions or identities into zkCredentials. These zkNFT/zkSBT tokens signify a user’s authentic on-chain identity or specific actions, such as proof of certain asset holding levels, proof of to be certain NFT holders.

While the frequent airdrops and interactive activities enhance user engagement, they also introduce the risk of individuals exploiting the system by using multiple accounts for personal gain. zkCredentials effectively address this problem by providing strong verification of on-chain behavior. The minted zkSBTs can be showcased on users’ social dApp profiles, serving as undeniable evidence of their activities on the blockchain.



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