Manta Network in Amsterdam

Manta Network attended ETHAmsterdam, DevConnect, and AmsterDOT last week and we wanted to share the highlights.

Takeaways from the Conference

  • There are lots of privacy teams doing unique projects, but there’s enough overlap that we can collaborate to build something greater than each one of us (see ZPRIZE, WASM challenge, etc.).
  • It was a good builder conference, and there were lots of talented people who were serious about solving problems.
  • The future of privacy requires ZKP, MPC, and FHE, but there’s a lot we can do now with just ZKP while the rest of the technology isn’t ready for production.

Join Us!

The Manta Network team is growing too. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in joining our awesome team. While Amsterdam is behind us we’re looking forward to attending a lot more events this year, so follow us on our social channels to find out where we will be next!



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