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4 min readAug 3, 2021


With the Kusama auctions coming closer, Manta Network has been preparing on both the technical and community side. We have been making significant progress with Calamari, which we introduced this month.

Product and Engineering Updates

This month, Manta Network introduced Calamari Network, its Canary Network built on Kusama. While it was publicly announced recently, Calamari has been an under-wraps project that Manta Network has been working on for a while.

Our runtime development is ready for the PLO, and is currently in Alpha version 3.0.1. This version includes updates such as Parity codec support, as well as Polkadot.js wallet support.

Furthermore, we have designed our web app to make it easier for the community to participate in our crowdloan. You can check it out here. The dashboard web app allows users to:

  1. Contribute KSM to the Calamari crowdloan
  2. A calculation of all the bonuses that you receive as a participant (including referral bonuses and early participant bonuses)
  3. A historical breakdown of the details of your contribution and referrals
  4. General crowdloan information, such as the overall contribution from all participants, as well as the leaderboards to see which community members are contributing the most

As part of our testnet release, Manta Network is also working on a desktop daemon to offer privacy support for users through automatic connection and zero-knowledge proof generation. The daemon will provide significant speed improvements for ZKP generation, which will boost the user experience.

Marketing and Community

From the marketing and community side, Manta Network’s team has been hard at work all around the world. For our ambassadors, we recently launched the Ambassador Program landing page, our first step in building a streamlined experience for 2,000+ active community ambassadors within the Manta ecosystem. The landing page will continue to add features including automated activity tracking and games/contests to reward the community.

Furthermore, Manta Network participated in several community activities both physically and virtually:

On July 7th, Manta was invited to Top DAO Asia-pacific Conference and talked about the value of privacy for Web3.0, joint with Horizen and Oasis Network.

On July 15th, Manta was invited to an online conference hosted by Oasis following DiDi’s data security scandal, and talked about why privacy matters as well as what problems Manta tackles.

On July 19, 2021, Manta Network announced its Kusama auction strategy for its canary net, Calamari. More details about the PLO strategy can be found here. The strategy includes details about Calamari’s token supply, release timeline, and participation/referral bonuses.

Also on July 19, 2021, Manta Network released its Calamari website, where users can come to learn more about the canary net project. Through the website, users are also able to sign up to get notified about the Calamari crowdloan start date, in order to participate as early as possible and earn bonus rewards.

Manta Network’s cofounder Kenny Li spoke at the Polkadot meetup at the Skillz office on during EthCC, alongside Etienne of TRGC and Eliott of Nodle and Ternoa. Watch the full-length replay of the conversation here. The conversation touched a variety of topics including the future of Polkadot, Kusama, and how it plays into the overall blockchain ecosystem. Kenny delivered the vision of Manta Network and its role within the entire Polkadot ecosystem (see photo below — you can expand it).

Manta Network’s cofounder Kenny Li met up with the Polkadot ecosystem including Acala, Moonbeam, and the Parity team on July 20, 2021 during the EthCC event.

The Polkadot Promo Team, a premiere news outlet for Polkadot information, featured Manta Network’s Calamari Network as a leader for the second set of Kusama auctions for slots 6 through 10 in its latest video review of Kusama auction progress.

On July 26th, Manta China team published an article on ChainNews elaborating how MantaSwap will solve the MEV attacks rampant in DeFi. The article received great attention in Chinese communities and had more than 12,000+ views in 24 hours.

On July 28, Manta Network announced its partnership with Subscan. Using Subscan, Manta Network is able to provide users access to a browser-based block explorer.

On July 29, Manta Network participated in the ZKP job fair hosted by Zero Knowledge Podcast to recruit new technical talent for the team. Other projects including Ethereum and Starkware will also be in attendance.



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