Manta Network Partners with Clover Finance to Bring ERC20 Assets to MantaSwap

Manta Network is excited to announce its partnership with Clover Finance. Clover is bringing the Ethereum Virtual Machine framework to Substrate-based applications. This capability enables projects to deploy Ethereum dApps on Polkadot, and create trustless two-way pegs between ERC20 and DOT-based assets.

Through this partnership, Clover and Manta shall cooperate in researching DEXs with cross-chain technology, privacy protection, and price stability; bringing DeFi products with complete end-to-end anonymity, high throughput, and efficient cross-chain interoperability. Manta Network and Clover will also work together to support Clover’s Ethereum crypto assets in Manta Network, which enables private transactions and swapping.

“Working with Clover Finance is a critical piece of our privacy-DEX puzzle,” stated Victor Ji, Chief Strategy Officer of Manta Network. “We’re excited to work with Clover to start enabling private access to ERC20 tokens through our exchange.”

About Clover

Clover is a powerful smart contract platform that enables Ethereum developers and projects to migrate their contracts onto Polkadot. By minimizing the changes required to run existing Solidity smart contracts on the new network, Ethereum projects can simply replicate their dApp and deploy it to Clover using MetaMask, Truffle, Remix, and other familiar tools.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is building the first interoperable and privacy-preserving DeFi stack. It uses zk-SNARK and will become a Polkadot parachain to provide complete end-to-end privacy, high throughput, and cross-chain interoperability. Services include a decentralized privacy payment protocol as well as a decentralized privacy token exchange protocol.

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Manta Network

Manta Network

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