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3 min readDec 1, 2022


Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of the Manta Monthly Rollup. We’ll use this space to recap our biggest highlights of the month.

Let’s dive right into it!

🖥️ Launches/Product

Trusted Setup

And the award for most exciting launch for this month definitely has to go to our Trusted Setup: at the time of writing, we are on track to break the record of most contributions (current record is 1114) to a trusted setup ceremony in history!

>>>> Don’t know what the Trusted Setup is? TL;DR: A Trusted Setup ensures the security of the prover/verifier keys by contributing randomness and destroying the toxic waste, making it secure and trustless. The Trusted Setup Ceremony is a procedure done once to generate a piece of data that must then be used every time some cryptographic protocol is run. The ceremony requires participants, like you, to generate this data. So, the more contributions, the more secure and decentralized the privacy is. Extended: read here.<<<<

We are averaging 12 contributions an hour: in this setup, only one person can contribute at a time, and it takes a bit of time to register each person. Currently, the queue is over 3,000 contributors long, so when the queue dies down a bit we will let users know via Twitter.

Learn more on how to contribute here.

For more accurate, up-to-date stats, Rob from our dev team has made this analytics site to see wen trusted setup.

Calamari’s Move to DPOS

We’ve completed the Delegated Proof of Stake migration for Calamari, enabling on-chain staking of your KMA and becoming a Collator!

We are now looking for Collators and Stakers

Stakers: If you have your KMA already, head straight to our dapp to see staking rewards and start staking.

Collators: Everything you need to set up a collator is in our documentation.

Staking Metrics

🧑‍🏫 Educational

We put out some nice educational refreshers on topics that not only affect Manta, but the greater crypto/privacy community. Browse through these topics to get refreshed on your crypto vocabulary:

💃 Events: IRL

👩‍💻 Events: Online

📰 PR

That’s it! Next month, we’ll bring in a recap of 2022: highlights from the Manta team ❤️ stay tuned.

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