🌊 Manta Takeover Event: Winners Announced & Special Prizes Revealed!

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2 min readDec 30, 2023


The Winners are Revealed, and Exclusive Rewards Await!

The Manta Takeover event has reached its thrilling conclusion, and we’re excited to announce the winners! If you embarked on this underwater adventure, it’s time to check the email associated with your Galxe account to see if you’re one of the lucky ones.

🏆 Check Your Email for the Big Reveal

We’ve sent out emails to all participants. Here’s how you can check if you’re one of the winners:

  • Inbox Check: Look for an email from us in your inbox.
  • Spam Folder: Important emails sometimes land in spam, so give it a quick check.
  • Official Galxe Email: The announcement comes directly from the official Galxe account.

📦 Prize Details: Rare and Legendary Treasure Boxes

We’re thrilled to announce that the winners of the Rare and Legendary Treasure Boxes will receive the exclusive New Paradigm NFTs! Here’s what you might find inside:

  • Rare Treasure Box: This may contain the NFTs from the New Paradigm Campaign, Leaderboard Access, Legit Team, Tier-One Backers, or Secure Multisig Features. An incredible blend of resources to propel you forward!
  • Legendary Treasure Box: These coveted boxes include New Paradigm NFT Leet Code or Fixed High Yields, offering an unparalleled advantage in your future endeavors.

🌟 Special Note for Winners

As the proud owner of these New Paradigm NFTs, you have two exciting options:

  • Participate in the New Paradigm Campaign: Use these NFTs to engage in our New Paradigm campaign, leveraging their unique benefits.
  • NFT Marketplace: Alternatively, you can choose to sell these NFTs on the element NFT marketplace, potentially earning profits from your winnings.

Thank You for Joining the Manta Takeover!

Your participation and enthusiasm have been the cornerstone of the Manta Takeover event. We sincerely thank all participants, winners or not, for making this event a huge success.

More Adventures Await!

The Manta Takeover might have ended, but our oceanic journey continues. Stay tuned for more events, where the mysteries of the ocean and more exciting rewards await!

Congratulations to all winners, and a huge thank you to our entire community for being part of this extraordinary journey! 🌟🌊



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