MantaPay’s Privatize to Maximize: Extra Week Extension

Earn from a pool of 5M KMA and More

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4 min readJun 23

Calamari Network’s MantaPay App provides a secure and efficient platform for users to conduct private transfers. As part of our effort to encourage users to try out private transfers and boost the Web3 privacy world, we are thrilled to announce the extension of our “The Manta Shield: Privatize to Maximize” campaign from Monday, June 26th to Saturday, July 1st, 2023. This additional week presents an opportunity to earn a total of 5,000,000 KMA rewards while exploring to-private transactions on our network.

Following a successful four-week “The Manta Shield: Privatize to Maximize” campaign, which ran from May 1st to May 27th, and rewarded 10,000,000 KMA to participants, we are excited to bring another incentive week back! In the extended campaign week, a total pool of 5,000,000 KMA rewards will be available for new pioneers on MantaPay App, specifically those engaging in Public-to-Private or Private-to-Public transactions.

Eligibility for the Extended Campaign

To ensure fairness, users can only participate in one out of the five total Privatize to Maximize incentive weeks.

  • Any address which did not initiate any transfers during May 1st — May 27th is eligible for the coming event
  • The 265 addresses, which are affected by MantaPay bugs during May 1st — May 27th, are all welcomed to earn the rewards

Get Started with The Manta Shield: Privatize to Maximize

  1. Add Manta Wallet extension into your Chrome browser.
  2. Make ‘Public-to-Private’ & ‘Private-to-Public’ transactions on MantaPay to start earning rewards
  3. Visit the Leaderboard to view your scores.

Detailed Rules Of the Extended Campaign

The extended incentive program will run for one week, from June 28th, 9PM EST, to July 3rd, 9PM EST. It consists of two types of rewards:

Type 1: Gas Fee Paid Rewards

Users who conduct transactions using MantaPay will receive a stipend that covers a certain percentage of their gas fee paid. The extended week will run for one week, with a total reward pool of 2,500,000 KMA.

The rewards percentage will be determined based on the following multiplier scale:

  • If Multiplier = 0.0002X, the rewards will be 20000% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.0002X, <= 0.1X, the rewards will be 800% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.1X, <= 0.2X, the rewards will be 200% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.2X, <= 0.3X, the rewards will be 150% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.3X, <= 0.4X, the rewards will be 133% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.4X, <= 0.5X, the rewards will be 125% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.5X, <= 0.6X, the rewards will be 120% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.6X, <= 0.7X, the rewards will be 116% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.7X, <= 0.8X, the rewards will be 114% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.8X, <= 0.9X, the rewards will be 112% of users’ gas fee paid
  • If Multiplier > 0.9X, <= 1X, the rewards will be 100% of users’ gas fee paid

The Multiplier is affected by the congestion of the network. You can visit this GitHub repo to view the lines of code that determine the multiplier. For more information about transaction fees, visit this documentation.

Type 2: Score Rank Rewards

In addition to the Type 1 rewards, the Manta Shield Score Rewards is also designed to further incentivize users to privatize their tokens and participate in the MantaPay ecosystem. The total reward pool for the extended week will be set at 2,500,000 KMA.

Users will earn a score based on two factors:

  1. Gas fees paid — dollar value
  2. Privatized tokens’ dollar value

The formula for calculating a user’s score is:

UserScore = ([Gas Fees Paid] ^ 0.8) * ([To-Private Value] ^ 0.2)

The top 100 users with the highest scores will be eligible to receive rewards. The top 6 users will each receive 200,000 KMA each, and users ranked 7th through 100th will each receive 13,829.7872 KMA.

Reward Vesting Schedule

After the conclusion of the one-week campaign, the rewards will be distributed to the eligible participants 48 hours after the public notice period ends, which is scheduled at 9 PM EST, Jul 5, 2023.

About Manta Network

Manta Network is the zk layer 1 blockchain with the fastest prover speed and most decentralized trusted setup that brings programmable privacy to web3. Its suite of core products and technologies, including zkNFTs and MantaPay, offers user-friendly access to powerful ZK-enabled use cases.

The project is created by a team of experienced founders from prestigious institutions, including Harvard, MIT, and Algorand. The team began its research on Zero Knowledge Proof in 2019 during a cross-border payment research project under the MIT Digital Currency Initiative with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Manta Network has received investments from many of the top web3 investment funds, including Binance Labs and Polychain Capital. It has grown through participation in the best web3 accelerators, including Alliance DAO and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator. Manta Network is poised to bring the next generation of web3 users and usher in a new chapter of privacy-focused web3 applications.

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About Calamari Network

Calamari Network is Manta Network’s canary network, which is deployed as a layer 1 network leveraging Substrate to connect to the entire Kusama ecosystem. Calamari Network offers on-chain privacy using zero-knowledge proofs with its flagship protocol, MantaPay on Calamari. MantaPay on Calamari allows users within the Kusama ecosystem to transact any Substrate-based cryptocurrencies in a privacy-preserving manner.



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