Squad Game Meme Contest

Please read the rules to ensure that your submission qualifies!


  1. First place receives 500 USDT
  2. Second place receives 250 USDT
  3. Third place receives 100 USDT
  4. The top 5 best memes (including first, second, and third place) receive a ticket for Squad Game Round 1 (reminder that anyone who participates in Squad Game will have to pass KYC to join).

What We’re Looking For

For this meme contest, we are looking for Squid Game themed creations. On top of that, we are looking for memes that are in some way related to Manta Network and our privacy-preservation technology. We accept original forms of art as well, but please understand that original pieces will be treated as equally as image or GIFs memes — at the end of the day, it’s about the quality and relevance.


  1. The meme must be posted on Twitter.
  2. You must include the hashtag #SquadGameEvent to be included in the contest.
  3. All Squad Game memes should be related to Squid Game to be timely.
  4. Prioritize quality over quantity. You are allowed to submit multiple entries, but we’re not deciding on winners based on how many submissions they make.
  5. No profanity or NSFW content.
  6. Manta Network’s core team will select the finalists. Our advisors, Community Leaders, and Regional Commanders will help us decide on the winners from that list of finalists.

About Manta Network

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