Staking is live on Calamari!

Start staking today and earn $KMA rewards

  1. A higher-performance block = makes transaction fees cheaper.
  2. More collators = higher censorship resistance = more decentralized $KMA blockchain.

DPoS Consensus and On-Chain Staking


  • On every produced block, ~114 $KMA are created (equivalent to 3% of total issuance per year).
  • This reward is allocated for later payout in the following way.
  • 10% of this reward goes to the collator that produced it to compensate for the collator’s running expenses.
  • The remaining 90% is split proportionally to $KMA staked between everyone who delegated to this collator (this includes a collator’s self-bond).
  • Two rounds later ( max. 12 hours ), the rewards accumulated in this way are paid out automatically, directly to the addresses of the collator and every delegator.

How do I start staking?

  1. If you haven’t already done so, download a signer extension and upload your $KMA wallet to the extension.
  2. Go to the dapp, connect your wallet with the signer, and start staking!



How do I run a collator?

  • 10% reward for each block a collator produces.
  • Boosted APY compared to delegation through 10% commission on the delegator’s share of rewards.



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