The Ambassador Leaderboard Is Here

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2 min readSep 10, 2021


Hey, Mantalorians! Welcome back — We are releasing the new beta version of the Manta Network Ambassador Program website!

Mantalorians Website Updates

The journey of the Mantalorians has been amazing! We already have more than 2,000 ambassadors in the program. Thank you all for being such a great community. Because of all your efforts, we managed to build a great program, with various activities where you can contribute. Below we’ll share the details of what the new update provides for the Manta Network Ambassadors Program.


The leaderboard is now available. Please note that all data is reflected for activities up to July 20. After July 20, we made some changes to the rules for ambassadors, and the database needs to be updated to reflect that. With the leaderboard, you can see ambassadors in the community ranked by their total points. The rank of the ambassador, as well as the different activities they’ve participated in along with their points, are all calculated and visualized on the table.


The activities we counted, for now, are listed below:’

  • Twitter Likes
  • Twitter Retweets
  • Twitter Quote Retweets
  • Community Events
  • Ambassador Events

The reason why we didn’t count the Translation, Content Creation, and other activities yet, is because those require a review team, and we’re in the process to create that!

Time Frame

The total points are for the period of MAY — JULY 20, for the ACTIVITIES mentioned above.

From JULY 20, we’ll apply the new Twitter rules we posted on July 20. For more information about the rules, check out the Manta Network Ambassador Program document.

Your Account Tracking

You’ll notice that on the top right side of the website, we now also have a login button. From here, you can sign in with your Twitter account to start tracking your activities. After logging in, just click on your username on the top right, and you’ll be guided to your personal dashboard. Inside that dashboard, you can view a list of activities that are being counted, as well as your own contribution to each of those activities.


We have a surprise for you! For this period, we have added a bonus point to Twitter Likes — in other words, Twitter Likes, which were originally 1 point, are 2 points each for the period up to July 20. We are doing this in appreciation of our early Mantalorian supporters 🚀. New Points

What’s Next?

For the next steps, we plan to set up the system to show an admin dashboard for our regional commanders, where we can review all of the Content Creation and Translation work. Furthermore, we will begin work on updating the points system to include data from dates past July 20.

Reporting Issues

Hey Mantalorians, use the form below to report issues for the ambassador’s website and the leaderboard. You can share your requirements for the ambassador’s website as well on the “As an ambassador, I want to be able to…” option.

Mantalorians Website. Report Issues, Bugs, and Points.