The Calamari Crowdloan on Kusama

Read more about the details of Calamari (by Manta Network), our upcoming PLO strategy, and how to participate

About Calamari Network

  1. MariPay, its token-agnostic private payment service. MariPay supports the private transfer of Kusama and its Parachain assets, including major crypto assets supported on Kusama. Users can transact popular assets like stablecoins and wrapped BTC while simultaneously reaping the benefits of on-chain privacy through ZKP.
  2. MariSwap, its private AMM-based DEX. MariSwap offers users the capability of swaps between parachain assets while preserving the privacy of the user addresses. It also provides never-before-seen features in the industry such as private liquidity pools.

About Calamari Token ($KMA)

Calamari Token Distribution

The Parachain Loan Offering

When Will Calamari’s PLO Launch?

How Do You Participate?

About the Calamari PLO

Unlocking the Full 3 billion KMA in Stages

  1. The first stage has a cap of 1 billion KMA for KSM contributors which means a cap of 100,000 KSMs raised. If Calamari wins the auction during each stage, the remaining KMAs will go to the treasury for future auctions. Otherwise the next stage opens up if we don’t win the slot auction.
  2. The second stage cap is 2 billion KMA and 200,000 KSM. If Calamari does not win theslot auction during this stage, it will go to the third stage.
  3. In the third stage, 3 billion KMA will be distributed for a cap of 300,000 KSM.

Bonuses for Contribution

Referral Bonus

Other Details

Parachain Slot Duration

Lock Period

Reward Vesting



The Fastest ZK L1 Network for On-chain Privacy

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