The Squad Game Meme Contest Winners

Over the past week, the Manta Network core team has been very hard at work. We’ve got an aggressive schedule in November, including launching the Squad Game event, the Manta Network crowdloan, and pushing Calamari runtime upgrades. We were so happy to see all of the amazing memes that were submitted to our contest — it was a breath of fresh air to browse and, frankly, laugh regarding the content of many of these memes.

The community leaders were able to select the finalists and winners of the contest, after much deliberation. Below are the winners: three top winners, who win USDT, and two finalists. As a next step, we will be DMing the winners. Prizes for the finalists and winners:

🥇 First Place — 500 USDT & Entry to Round 1

🥈 Second Place — 250 USDT & Entry to Round 1

🥉 Third Place — 100 USDT & Entry to Round 1

🎉 Finalists — Entry to Round 1

First Place: 500 USDT to

2nd Place (250 USDT) to

3rd Place (100 USDT) to

Finalist 1:

Finalist 2:



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