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The deposit period and the distribution of Box Pieces for the Renew Paradigm event have ended on April 11, 2024, 10:00 PM SGT. After a 39-day lock-up period, users will be able to unlock their assets and look forward to substantial returns from 11 projects on Renew Paradigm, along with MANTA rewards, Eigenlayer points, and M-STONE points.

Burn NFTs to receive MANTA airdrops at the portfolio dashboard page, or you can sell your NFT collection on OKXand Element.

Continue your journey with other New Paradigm events to earn additional rewards! Restaking Paradigm and zkLink Aggregation Parade are still available!

Now, let’s dive deeper into the details of the rewards distribution of the Renew Paradigm!

Details of the Reward Distribution

In addition to rewards from staking underlying assets (MANTA, wUSDM ,and STONE) and participating in the Manta ecosystem protocol, you can earn additional income through Renew Paradigm as follows:

  1. MANTA Token Rewards: After the Renew Paradigm event concludes, participants will be eligible to receive rewards of MANTA tokens. These tokens will be distributed based on the NFTs you have burned during the Renew Paradigm event.
  2. MANTA Token Distribution Schedule

April 11, 2024, 10:00 PM SGT: All staking activities and the generation of Box Pieces will be ended.

April 24, 2024, 10:00 PM SGT: We will have a snapshot of all addresses that have burned NFTs during Renew Paradigm and will be taken to calculate the MANTA rewards. If you have any NFTs earned for Renew Paradigm, please be sure to burn them before this deadline or else you will not qualify for MANTA rewards. To burn your NFTs, go to: https://renewparadigm.manta.network/dashboard/portfolio

April 25, 2024, 10:00 AM SGT: Following the launch of Renew Paradigm Version 4, users will be able to start claiming their MANTA tokens.

3. Airdrop Rewards from 11 projects: Participating in Renew Paradigm allows you to receive a variety of airdrop rewards from different projects. The specific rewards and their distribution schedules will depend on different projects.

4. Project Timelines: The Initial TGEs for different projects will be different. We will collaborate with all project teams to determine the specific snapshot timings for Renew Paradigm on TGE, which will cover all addresses that have burned NFTs at the time of the snapshot. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding each project’s airdrop distributions.

  • After the snapshots are completed for each of the 11 projects, purchasing new NFTs will not enable you for the token airdrops.
  • Airdrop Execution: Once the snapshots are complete, we will provide the list of relevant addresses to each project teams. They will distribute the airdrop tokens according to the established procedures.

5. M-STONE Points:

In the Manta Renew Paradigm, users can utilize multiple assets, including STONE, across over 10 Manta ecosystem protocols to enjoy a rich experience and earn multiple rewards from Manta Network, the ecosystem protocols, and StakeStone.

Read the details about M-STONE points. Now you can check your current M-STONE points on the staking panel of Renew Paradigm.

M-STONE Points Distribution: Participants who stake STONE in the Renew Paradigm event will earn points as rewards, which can be exchanged for a Stakestone token airdrop at the end of the event. M-STONE points will continue to accumulate, and the corresponding StakeStone rewards will be distributed uniformly when the StakeStone airdrop occurs. The prize pool for M-STONE Points is 1% of the total token supply of StakeStone.

6. Eigenlayer Points:

Using STONE during Renew Paradigm event can also help you earn Eigenlayer points. The accumulation of Eigenlayer points is also based on the amount and duration of assets staked. Eigenlayer Points will be released in the future.

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