Unlocking the Second Tranche for Calamari

An update and a change to the Calamari PLO after listening to our community.

P.S. All Calamari and Mantalorian art in the body of this article is designed by our community member, Olga

With the first parachain auctions concluded, Calamari Network is releasing its next tranche of rewards. In other words, 2 billion KMA of total rewards are now unlocked for the community to contribute up to 200k KSM for the Calamari crowdloan.

Check out the poll from our Announcements Channel

With over 10,000 contributors and over 130,000 KSM locked up in just a week, we are overwhelmed with the amount of support we have received from our community. At the same time, we also want to keep the auctions rational. As a result, we turned to our community to learn more about their thoughts on how much a parachain auction should actually cost. With 676 votes cast from our community, we learned that 80% of respondents believed that earning a slot should cost less than 200,000 KSM.

While many factors have led to the brewing excitement for the Kusama auctions, we ultimately concluded that the community’s sentiment towards the cost of the auction should be taken into consideration. Therefore, we intend for the second tranche of rewards for an additional 100k contribution will be the last tranche we are opening for this round of auctions.

Ultimately, this is both a practical and symbolic decision guided by the community and the strategies for Calamari Network’s long-term sustainability. On the practical side, Calamari will reserve the final tranche of rewards for future PLOs, adding to the PLO reserve. After our parachain expires, we will be able to go for another one with adequate incentives for the community in the future.

We want to demonstrate that we are listening to our community. With over 10,000 contributors so far to our PLO, our community is growing quickly with the rise of interest and participation in Calamari. Our core contributors are active on a daily basis on our Telegram, Discord, and other community Polkadot/Kusama channels — our community members can attest to this.

Finally, on the ecosystem side, we are also committed to helping other amazing projects get a parachain slot as well. We want to avoid entering a price competing zero-sum game with many other amazing projects. We believe this is helpful to the entire ecosystem as well.

Thank you again, to the community, for all of your continuing support as we secure a parachain slot. We are looking forward to seeing what the upcoming week brings. While the second tranche will be our last rewards tranche for this batch of auctions, it’s only the beginning when it comes to all the amazing things we’ll be doing together, as a project and as a community.

Until then, expect chaos.

The interoperable, privacy-preserving DeFi stack powered by Polkadot

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The interoperable, privacy-preserving DeFi stack powered by Polkadot

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