Updating Manta Crowdloan Rewards

With the new crowdloan incentives, raising 5 million DOT gives 6x more rewards

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4 min readNov 10, 2021


These new updates apply retroactively as well;any contributors in the past, present, and future will be upgraded to the new reward system.

Since the announcement of our crowdloan on Polkadot less than a week ago, we have been listening to our community feedback. Just like with our canary network project, Calamari Network, Manta Network intends to be a community-driven project in many aspects; as a decentralized effort, our team commits to remaining open-minded to our community’s opinion.

We heard you loud and clear. Many crowdloan participants and supporters of our project were looking for a better rewards system, to keep Manta Network’s crowdloan competitive and adequately incentivized. As a next step, we jumped into community conversations surrounding this idea, including a few DMs with talented community members who built thorough and accurate reward models and projections.

With all of this information, we went back to the drawing board to figure out how to upgrade our crowdloan rewards. While the previous rewards system was a fixed rate of 1 DOT : up to 5 MANTA (not including early-bird incentives, the new system will take full advantage of the entire 15.6% crowdloan allocation that we have carved out. As a reminder, our crowdloan allocation distribution categorizes the 15.6% across the following:

  • 12% (120 million) of tokens are base rewards, earned by simply contributing DOT
  • 3% (30 million) of tokens are earned exclusively by crowdloaners through participating in the MantaPay liquidity event, once MantaPay launches
  • 0.6% (6 million) of tokens are exclusively reserved for Binance early bird contributors)

Manta’s Updated Crowdloan Rewards System

Our updated system transforms the crowdloan rewards from a fixed ratio into one where every DOT contributed represents an allocation of the contributions.

*The estimated new rewards are based on the calculation of total rewards for crowdloan participants NOT including any early bird or referral bonuses.

The Base Reward Changes

Base Rewards under our new rewards system

Under the new system, the base rewards are no longer a ratio of 1 DOT to 4 MANTA. Instead, it is based on how many DOT you contributed to the pool of DOT contributions. With this change, your rewards will increase significantly. For example, if Manta receives 5 million DOT in its crowdloan, the new system would reward DOT contributors 6x the amount of rewards compared to the old system.

If Manta receives 5 million DOT in its crowdloan, the new system would reward DOT contributors 6x the amount of rewards compared to the old system.

The MantaPay Liquidity Event Rewards

MantaPay Liquidity Rewards for Crowdloaners under our new rewards system

The MantaPay liquidity event will still take place, but instead of having the reward fixed at 1 MANTA token, the same rewards distribution that the new Base Rewards have will replace the fixed ratio. In other words, crowdloan contributors who participate in the MantaPay Liquidity Event will be allocated a proportionate amount of the 30 million tokens, just like how the Base Rewards work.

The Bonuses Apply and Factor Into the Pool

The early-bird bonus amounts apply in the new system. All bonuses will be factored in for each applicable contributor; under the new system, the bonuses will be added into the representation of their allocation of the crowdloan rewards. As an example, an early-bird participant who contributes to the crowdloan before November 11, 2021 will receive 10% more MANTA than those who contribute after the third parachain auction.

The Binance Pool Remains the Same

The Binance Pool of 0.6% (6 million MANTA) will remain the same because it already follows the rules that we have applied under the new changes.

We believe that this new rewards system provides significant favor to the crowdloaners and supporters of Manta Network. Beyond that, we hope that this move represents a step that demonstrates that we are constantly listening to our community, and taking your feedback into consideration. Thank you to all of our community for contributing to the crowdloan and this new idea for the rewards structure. We appreciate it, and look forward to ushering in Manta Network’s first major milestone as a parachain!


The Manta Network Core Team

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