Updating Manta Crowdloan Rewards

  • 12% (120 million) of tokens are base rewards, earned by simply contributing DOT
  • 3% (30 million) of tokens are earned exclusively by crowdloaners through participating in the MantaPay liquidity event, once MantaPay launches
  • 0.6% (6 million) of tokens are exclusively reserved for Binance early bird contributors)

Manta’s Updated Crowdloan Rewards System

*The estimated new rewards are based on the calculation of total rewards for crowdloan participants NOT including any early bird or referral bonuses.

The Base Reward Changes

Base Rewards under our new rewards system

If Manta receives 5 million DOT in its crowdloan, the new system would reward DOT contributors 6x the amount of rewards compared to the old system.

The MantaPay Liquidity Event Rewards

MantaPay Liquidity Rewards for Crowdloaners under our new rewards system

The Bonuses Apply and Factor Into the Pool

The Binance Pool Remains the Same

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